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What To Expect!

Just like starting a new job or the first day of school, your dog's first day of doggy daycare can be both exciting and scary. And like a new job or kindergarten, parents hanging around is discouraged. Your dog will be able to acclimate to their new surroundings easier and faster if they are allowed to concentrate and take stock of their surroundings while in the care of our experienced staff and without the distraction of Mom and Dad nearby.

During their first day, your dog will be slowly introduced to new friends. They will be rotated through the various indoor and outdoor play areas, taking their time to get used to all the new sights,sounds and smells. They will also have the option of being put in for a nap if they get over-stimulated or overtired. We don't feed the dogs during daycare so please have your dog on a feeding schedule that allows them to go all day without being hungry. An AM and PM feeding works for most of our guests.

For a QUICK Check-In & Check-Out process, we require a few things:

1) Prior to coming to Daycare, we ask that you allow your dog to relieve themselves before entering the facility.

 2) Please be sure to bring your dog to daycare on a leash that is clearly marked with his name.

3) If your dog is sick, kindly call us to let us know what's wrong and please don't bring him to daycare until he's back on his paws.

4) For convenience we strongly recommend buying daily, weekly or monthly pre-paid packages. If you choose single days or nights, we require all bills to be settled at the time of pick-up.

That's it! If you have any questions, please, just ask!


Daycare is designed to be challenging both physically and psychologically for the dogs, sooo.....

DON'T BE ALARMED if your dog comes home and sleeps for hours on end and appears lethargic. He isn't sick; he's worn out from all the playing!

DON'T BE ALARMED if you notice your dog has minor scratches on him. He was just interacting and playing with his new friends the best way he can - with his paws and his mouth.

DON'T BE ALARMED if your dog appears to be limping or favoring one side for a few days. This is normal. Like any athlete, he just has sore muscles from all the exercise!

By the end of a busy week at daycare or after an overnight visit, your dog may smell a little "doggier" than usual. We run bath specials for our customers. Ask us for details!

When You Get Home

The excitement of being home may make your pet pant and appear very thirsty. While we always provide fresh water, give your dog ice chips initially to head off over-drinking and potential stomach upset. He's excited to see you!

Do not feed your dog within three hours of being home and then put him back on his normal routine. Excessive eating and drinking after a period of over-excitement may lead to temporary digestive upset and bloating.

Walk your pet or give him access to an outside area when you get home. The thrill over his stay with us and seeing his parents could cause a temporary change in his normal elimination schedule.

Give your pet personalized attention after he settles down. Petting or brushing will help him relax and settle back into his normal routine. If he is a regular daycare visitor these excited periods will lessen as he realizes day care is part of his schedule. Dogs love schedules; they derive a great deal of security from them. Please read our FAQs for more answers to your daycare questions!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Wendy Canning - Owner