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Hi! I'm Wendy. Animal lover extraordinaire :) That's kind of me in a nutshell. And this is my story...

I grew up on a farm. My mother raised and trained working service dogs, and we always had a large variety of animals from cows and horses to ducks, geese, chickens and turkeys. As well as all the stray animals I rescued and brought home! Caring for animals has always been a central focus in my life. My love for animals was the inspiration to become a veterinary technician. Along the way, I fell in love with Great Danes and was incredibly blessed when I got my very own Great Dane, Bernard. We were best friends and completely inseparable, until one tragic day Bernard was stolen from my home.

For eight very long, bleak months he was gone. But thanks to the wonders of microchip technology, he was found, and I received a phone call on my birthday no less, telling me that Bernard had been located! I can't tell you how relieved and truly grateful I was having my best friend back. And it was this experience that gave birth to the idea of Bark Avenue. A safe place for dogs to play while their owner are away.

While out walking our dogs with a friend at a local park I confessed my desire to be able to spend more of my time with my dog. I felt so guilty leaving him at home while I was at work. She mentioned that since I was already walking her dog during my lunch break that maybe I should become a dog walker. So I did! And as my dog walking business grew many of my clients requested overnight and even long weekend stays. But, while I love having a houseful of doggies, neither my time nor my yard was big enough to accommodate them all!

So that got me thinking - it was obvious that pet owners had a need for reliable pet care, but all too often where reluctant to use a traditional kennel and most felt that their dog needed more than just a short 30 minute walk in the middle of the day.

In Canada, dog daycare services have been in existence for over 10 years and are now one of the fastest growing segments in the pet industry. I visited a variety of these daycares, and the difference in quality and services was huge. Some were little more than unpleasant, smelling concrete rooms, while others offered an amazing array of daily dog care services. I came away disappointed with the style and approach of some, and in awe of the possibilities presented by others.

Inspired by the opportunity, the essence of Bark Avenue came to shape in my mind. After many months searching I found an amazing property. Finally, my vision could become a reality - I could offer not only a daycare that would cater to all shapes and sizes of dogs, but also grooming, training, educational seminars and a boutique!

At the heart of Bark Avenue is our desire to create a truly unique environment - a cage-free, off-leash, inviting play and grooming haven - where dogs can truly be dogs. A place where owners can feel good about bringing their dog, rather than bad about leaving them home alone during the day. We want to provide a centrally located, dedicated facility that offers you, as busy owners, the ultimate in convenience and services that are tailored to your dog's unique needs.

I have been blown away by the support and feedback I have received from my two-legged friends- but nothing can compare to seeing all the dogs happily playing in the daycare.

I believe Bark Avenue is about you and the life you and your dog want to lead. My dogs just think it's about hanging out with their friends and playing all day... I'll leave you and your dog to decide for yourselves.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Wendy Canning - Owner

Wendy's Story