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WENDY'S 8 Weeks of Obedience Classes

Course objective:

Is to develop a working relationship between dog and there owner. This relationship is based on a bond between you and your dog through training, challenging situations and appropriate praise and encouragement. You need to have your dog listening to you consistently in a variety of situations, not just in a class room setting and being bribed with food. This course has been developed to challenge both dog and owner to work as a team. If you complete the course you will be able to confidently control your dog in a variety of settings.

Course outline:

This course is based on a 8 week outline. Most of the classes will be held in within the confines of BA, though several classes may be held in other locations. Each class is 50 minutes in length and will consist of any hour of instruction and practice and aprox. 20 minutes of constructive discussion. We will be working on the commands of Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Wait, Stand, Off, Leave it, and Drop it. We will work on these in a variety of setting and interesting situations to prepare you and your dog for life. This will not be your typical course of bribing your dog to something.

Course requirements:

To have a love of your dog and an open mind. This is a functional course and designed to give results. Though owners have to understand that 1 hour a week of class room work is not going to produce results. We are just here to give you the information, you will need to do your homework and make training a part of your life.
We do require you to bring a 6ft leash, 30ft lead, and a martin gale style collar (properly fitting). We will not allow halties, harnesses or any other form of gimmick. Treats and toys are also not allowed in the classroom because they are a distraction from what we are trying to accomplish, a working relationship between you and your dog.

Course warning:

This in not the course for everyone. Working relationships are based on communication and dedication; we will never ask anything of your dog we do not expect from you. Praise will be given in appropriate forms of affection and correction through tone of voice, body language and proper leash control.
At the time of the 5 week mark we reserve the right to ask you to leave the class. This will only be done in extreme cases if homework has obviously not been completed and your team in being disruptive.