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Daycare FAQ's

A: All applicants are given a $10 cost temperament test. This involves an introduction of your dog to our resident guests. Although this is a good indication of your dog's personality, dog fights can and do occur, RARELY resulting in serious injury. The staff is trained to intervene and separate fighting dogs safely and efficiently. Additionally, we try to place dogs in play-groups according to size and temperament. However, due to the fact that they are living creatures, their behaviors are sometimes unpredictable (not unlike humans) and in the rare instance a fight may take place.

Q: What if my dog becomes sick or injured while at Daycare?
A: Before enrolling your dog in daycare, you will be required to fill out an application, complete with Emergency Contacts and your veterinarian's information. In the unlikely event of an emergency if you cannot be reached we will contact whomever you've assigned as your Emergency Contact. Then we will attempt to contact your vet. If all else fails and we cannot reach anyone associated with the dog, we will use our own discretion and either transport your dog to an emergency vet or have our mobile vet come to us to assess the dog, at the owner's expense.

Q: Will my dog get fleas or ticks while at Doggie Daycare?
A: We request that all our guests be placed on a flea and tick preventative. Although it is impossible to enforce this, history has shown that our pet owners are very conscientious and maintain a high level of health care for their dogs. In addition, due to our high standards of cleanliness it's rare for us to find a flea or tick on a dog. If we should find one, we notify the owner immediately.

Q: Will my little dog be in a playroom with a bigger dog?
A: All of our dogs are temperament tested prior to admittance. However, we do tend to separate dogs according to size and personality.

Q: Will you feed my dog?
A: Generally we do not feed dogs who are attending daycare. Introduction of food in a pack environment can trigger unwanted behavior even in the most placid of dogs. We ask that you place your dog on a twice daily feeding schedule: in the morning before daycare and in the evening after daycare. Additionally, we ask that you also have the dog relieve him or herself prior to coming to day care. Our overnight guests are also fed on this schedule and given the opportunity to relieve themselves prior to joining a play-group.

Q: Will my dog get dirty in daycare?
A: YES. Similar to children playing in school, your dog will get dirty, particularly in wet or humid weather. Lighter colored dogs will obviously appear dirtier than the others but they will all get equally dirty. A dirty dog is a good indication that he or she was active and playing with the other campers. It would be impossible for us to bathe every dog in daycare prior to pick up. However we do offer spa baths and periodically offer bath specials for daycare dogs and boarding dogs. Ask for more details.

Q: Do you have Dog Daycare discounts (packages)?
A: If you know you are going to be bringing your dog(s) in regularly we offer a discounted price. Packages come in 5, 10 and 20 (half or full days), the greater the number of days the greater the discount. To keep overhead cost current and tracking efficient all 5 and 10 day packages expire after 60 days, and all 20 day packages expire after 120 days.

Q: Do I have to sign the liability release?
A: YES. As hard as we work to make Doggie Daycare a home away from home for your best friend, things DO happen and we need to make sure all parties understand this.

Q: I'm thrilled with Doggie Daycare. Can I tip the employees?
A: Of course! While it certainly isn't expected, it is always appreciated. We also enjoy nice letters and cards from customers as well. So that got me thinking - it was obvious that pet owners had a need for reliable pet care, but all too often where reluctant to use a traditional kennel and most felt that their dog needed more than just a short 30 minute walk in the middle of the day

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